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• Academic Multicultural Achievement for Individual Student Projects •

Shardae Osuna, an undergraduate, received funding to present at the UCLA Psychology Conference . Her research is on Intergroup Dialogue, which promotes cross-cultural understanding and awareness about intergroup dialogue as a method to reduce intergroup prejudice.


Nicholas Sorensen, a PhD Student in Social Psychology and Master’s Student in Social Work, received funding to present at the American Educational Research Association Conference. His work is entitled "Thinking Structurally, So What? Implications for Action in Symposium: Learning about Structural Inequalities: Why, How, and for What?"



• Academic Multicultural Programming by Student Organizations

Latin@ Culture Show - The Latin@ Culture Show serves to broaden awareness of the spectrum of Latino culture through artistic expression. The acts and performances in the Latino Culture Show, while meant to entertain, are also meant to impel viewers to learn more about the Latino Culture and issues of ethnic identity and discrimination.

SAFE - Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) sponsored a conference on campus to teach students about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through various lectures, film screenings, and workshops.


Yuri Kochiyama Leadership Program - The Yuri Kochiyama Leadership Program is an outreach program geared towards Asian Pacific Islander American high school students in the metro-Detroit area. Our focus is to educate and promote APIA heritage, identity, and awareness through a series of weekly workshops. The workshops are held right here on the UM campus and are led by college mentors.


SCOR - The Students of Color of Rackham Conference is an annual opportunity for graduate students to present their research, network with professionals and future leaders, and to prepare for larger conferences and professional settings in the future.



• MLK/Academic Multicultural Programming by Student Organizations

Prison Creative Arts Project - The PCAP students organized the event "Detroit to Prison Pipeline: A Conversation about Prevention", which featured a panel discussion on the link between mass incarceration and Detroit's current economic, social, and political situation. The panel featured active members of the Detroit community – representatives from law enforcement to the school system to juvenile justice to community organizing. Connecting with the spirit of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who called upon fellow citizens to bear witness and to take responsible, courageous, non-violent action in response to many forms of injustice, PCAP aims to bring awareness to the campus about issues surrounding incarceration, and collaborates with incarcerated adults, incarcerated youth, and urban youth to strengthen the community through creative expression.


• Conference Attendance by Student Organizations

The Black Pre-Medical Association received funding to assist members with attending the Student National Medical Association Annual Medical Education Conference.

If you have any questions about your proposal or if your project or event is in line with the mission of SAMI, please contact Christine Wylie at