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What if I've already submitted a paper proposal to the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives?
Paper proposals are no longer accepted. If you have already submitted a paper proposal, please visit our web site to submit the proposal on line. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We require all applicants to follow these guidelines. This will help ensure a safe process and it will allow us to notify you in a timely manner.

What if my event is taking place in September (before the first deadline date)?
For events/programs taking place in September, proposals will be reviewed during the October SAMI Committee meeting. In the past, we have not allowed retroactive funding, but have since revisited that policy and changed it to give applicants more flexibility. If an event/program has taken place, the contact person will have to submit receipts for the amount they are requesting to the attention of the SAMI Coordinator. (This is an additional step and something new this year. Legible copies of receipts are acceptable.) The SAMI committee will then review their proposal, as always, and determine (based on the strength of the proposal) whether or not the student will receive funding.

Will I have access to funds prior to my event date?
All SAMI applications must be completed prior to the event date, however as the SAMI review committee only meets once per month it cannot be guaranteed that funds will be transferred prior to the event date. In cases where funding decisions and transfers are needed prior to the event date, please be sure to submit the application at least 6 weeks prior to the event date.

Can a staff member write my letter of recommendation?
It is true that the SAMI committee has allowed members of the University of Michigan outside of the faculty arena to write letters of recommendation. However, in order to foster positive academic relationships between faculty and students, particularly undergraduates, SAMI requires all student applicants to first seek letters of recommendations from faculty members. It is a key component of the application that the letter of recommendation be able to speak to the academic promise of the project or event.