The Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives
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SAMI - Funding Criteria

Program Categories
Funding Criteria
Program Eligibility
MLK/SAMI Funding
Other Funding Sources
Recently Funded
Priority will be given to:
  • Proposals of merit that assist in the creation of an academic multicultural environment
  • Particularly innovative programs
  • Collaborative efforts between student organizations across cultural backgrounds.


Additionally, special consideration will be given to:
  • First-time applicants
  • Applications submitted by Undergraduate students
  • Rackham Graduate School and professional school students who first seek funding in their departments and schools. Identification of such sources sought should be included. SAMI will only consider applications of graduate and professional school students after other avenues of funding have been exhausted
  • Well-written SAMI grant proposals. SAMI encourages students to submit detailed proposals that address all questions in the application


Funds will not be provided for:
  • Non-academic or entirely social events (e.g. balls, banquets, parties)
  • Fund-raising activities or charitable events
  • Organizations that have a consistent base of substantial funding (e.g. Michigan Student Assembly, Project Serve, University Activities Center)
  • University transportation (in accordance with University liability insurance regulations)
  • Payment for food items
  • Study abroad experiences unless a significant academic multicultural opportunity has been clearly identified
  • Dissertation research
  • Scholarship competitions, awards, presentation ceremonies and banquets
  • Profit-making events



Receipts Submission:

  • All recipients must submit receipts within 30 days after the event/activity. Failure to submit the receipts will result in the student and/or student organization being ineligible for any future funding.
  • Awarded funds that have not been used or accounted for must be transferred back to the SAMI account.