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M-POD - Student Voices

The continued success of the M-POD program relies in part on input received from M-POD students who have successfully transferred to the University of Michigan. Their voices are especially beneficial because they can share the strong points of the program and make suggestions as to what they would like to see added. The feedback enables the M-POD program to continuously grow and change with the needs of Washtenaw Community College students in an effort to offer the very best transfer program possible! Below are some of the comments made by transfer students:

"I'm really happy that WCC became involved with this program because it gave me the opportunity to attend U-M. Everyone is very supportive, helpful and approachable, which is an added advantage. I encourage anyone with big dreams and aspirations to take advantage of this great opportunity because they will not regret it and, on the contrary, will find it a very rewarding experience."
- Mercedes Santos, Literature, Science & the Arts-Graduate

"The [M-POD] program has been very helpful for me because it gave me the courage to pursue a dream that I thought was too hard to accomplish. I want to become a great scientist and the University of Michigan is a great place to start. I have been able to take classes and learn a great deal from them. I don't think I would have been able to accomplish as much as I have this last year and a half at U-M if it wasn't for the encouragement I received from Alexi and Christine to apply to the University of Michigan. To me, thie is a program to make dreams come true!"
- Carolina Dudley, Literature, Science & the Arts-Graduate

"This program allowed me to stay focused on my goal. It also was my anchor, knowing that I could go to Alexi or Christine and get an answer to any questions or concerns that I had rather than floating around looking for information. The field trip to the university was very helpful in establishing a point of contact for the CSP program. I also found that the guest speakers from Financial Aid and Sweetland Writing Institute, etc. were very helpful."
- Nedra Keahl, Literature, Science & the Arts-Graduate

"I would like to thank Alexi and Christine for all the information I received from the [M-POD] meetings. They both have been very helpful. I will keep in touch"
- Debbie Paylor, School of Nursing-Graduate

"Comparing the stressful and frustrating conditions that students undergo just to transfer to other four-year institutions, I would definitely thank the [M-POD] organizers. This association facilitated a smooth and easy transfer into U-M. It was like a change of semesters in the same institution. Thank you."
- Taniform Abongwa, Literature, Science & the Arts-Graduate

"Alexi and Christine kept me on the right track and more focused, and increased my determination to get to the University of Michigan. This program is essential to those students who feel they are being lost in the shuffle."
- David Robinson, School of Literature, Science, and the Arts

"I have enjoyed being part of WCC and the [M-POD] program. This program has helped me grow as a leader. If the program hadn't laid out such a firm and solid foundation for me to walk upon, I wouldn't be studying at the University of Michigan. I won't forget the program and what it has done for me."
- Joshua Johnson, School of Art & Design-Graduate