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It's Great To Be A Girl

In 1997, Carole Lapidos and Sally Wisotzkey established Raising Strong and Confident Daughters, a grassroots organization dedicated to helping young girls develop a strong sense of self-esteem in a society in which girls are at risk for sexual harassment and abuse, eating disorders, depression, and suicide. Knowing that as girls move from childhood to adolescence they become less likely to participate in sports, advance in math and science, and that many lose focus on their unique strengths in favor of "looking good" and pleasing others, Lapidos and Wisotzkey devoted their efforts to finding and sharing proactive strategies with parents, teachers, and other to support pre-teen girls in transition.

As an outgrowth of their expanding workshop series for adults, Raising Strong and Confident Daughters joined together with area middle schools, the University of Michigan's Women's Studies Program, the Center for Community Service Learning (the Ginsberg Center & Project Community), and the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives (OAMI) to launch "It's Great To Be a Girl!"

"It's Great to Be a Girl!" is a unique mentoring project that matches undergraduate women with middle school girls in a weekly discussion. They aim to create a supportive environment, in which girls and mentors can talk about and strategize around issues that affect their self-esteem.

What Girls and Femtors Have to Say About It's Great to Be a Girl!

"I really liked It's Great to Be a Girl! I had a time to let out my feelings to people I trusted. I also met many people and saw positive role models in my community. I loved it and I think all girls everywhere should have a chance to take it." - Latisha Campbell, 6th Grade Student, West Middle School

"I like It's Great to Be a Girl! because I get to meet new girls and women, and we get to talk about "girl issues". Now, because of this program, I feel better that I'm a better person!" - Camille Jones, 6th Grade Student, West Middle School

"This program is an amazing experience for everyone involved. Not only do we introduce topics of great importance to girls' lives, we do activities, have discussions in a "safe space", utilize our creative outlets, and have fun! It makes me feel like a kid all over again, only in a more positive and healthy way." - Cynthia Holmes, University of Michigan Student and Femtor

For more information, please contact Carole Lapidos at (734)936-1055 or via email at