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Over the past decade that the Michigan Study Student Project has been in existence, we have, with great pleasure, engaged and involved undergraduate and graduate students representing many academic disciplines, backgrounds and interests. We are extremely proud of the fact that students have played an integral part in developing our survey instruments, conducting interviews and focus groups and collecting and analyzing data.

A major highlight of the study is that to date, eight dissertations - including several that have received national awards and recognition -have been based on analyses of the quantitative and qualitative data of the Michigan Student Study. These dissertations have contributed significantly to the body of literature on diversity in the national forum. We are also confident that the individuals who completed their doctorate will continue to make strides toward becoming outstanding higher education faculty, administrators and institutional researchers. We appreciate all that they have done to make this study successful.

The eight dissertation abstracts and related dissertation awards can be accessed using the links below.

Cultural identity, student involvement, and academic achievement in three student of color populations.
Damon Williams (2002)

Demystifying the model minority: The influences of identity and the college experience on Asian Pacific American undergraduates' racial attitudes.
Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas (2000)

Ethnic identification, racial climate, and African American undergraduate educational outcomes at a predominantly white university.
Sharon Yvette Jenkins (1997)

Diversity's closet: College student attitudes toward lesbians, gay men, and bisexual people on a multicultural campus.
Diana Barbara DeVries Kardia (1996)

Factors that predict Hispanic persistence in a predominantly White institution: A comparison with African American students.
Diana Muniz (1994)

Enhancing tolerance: The confluence of moral development with the college experience.
Simone Himbeault Taylor (1994)

The effect of group contact and curriculum on White, Asian American, and African American students' attitudes.
Gretchen Eva Lopez (1993)

Gender differences and the impact of college on White students' racial attitudes.
Kris Smith (1992)

Dissertation Awards


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