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Michigan Student Study
This guidebook presents the “how-to” aspects of the Michigan Student Study (MSS), a project that has been part of the University of Michigan’s research and assessment plan for two decades. The MSS is a longitudinal, mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) research program.
MSS Guidebook (file size: 6.3MB)


Michigan Diversity Report
The purpose of this report is to discuss how the diversity research/ assessent challenge has taken form, been addressed, and linked to practice at the University of Michigan. The report opens with an historical statement and timeline regarding the evolution of diversity implementation at the University of Michigan, thereby setting the context in which findings from our diversity research initiative, the Michigan Student Study (MSS), will be discussed for seniors and alumni.
UM Diversity Report (file size: 1.7MB)

Pathways: Academic Success Guide
“Pathways” is the official publication for the Leaders and Best program. This Academic Success Guide is not only filled with priceless tips about self-assessment, positive relationships, time management and successful studying, etc.; it also has a list of the most used campus resources. This success tool was designed especially with the needs of the incoming, transitioning student in mind.
Pathways Academic Success Guide (file size: 1.2MB)

The University of Michigan GEAR UP Program mission is to provide quality pre-college programming that is responsive and tailored to the needs, character, and desires of our designated partner schools.
2010 GEAR UP End of Year Report (file size: 16.5MB)

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
This assessment is part of a broad-based program at the University of Michigan designed to achieve impact and sustainability with regard to efforts to build a broader pool of non-traditional, high- achieving community college transfer students, including those individuals from low and moderate financial means.
Community College Transfer Initiative Final Report (file size: 5.5MB)

Working through the Challenge:
Critical Lessons Learned for Building and Sustaining a Robust Institutional Diversity Culture.

This chapter appears as the lead chapter of the book entitled "Implementing Diversity: Contemporary Challenges and Best Practices at Predominantly White Universities," published by the Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society (CDMS) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2010). Article (file size: 1.4MB)

The Future of Campus Diversity: Framing the Challenge
The First of Two Colloquia Focused on Maintaining & Increasing Diversity at Public Universities

This is a DRAFT report that was prepared for the first of two Future of Campus Diversity Colloquia that was held in March 2011. The Colloquia are being sponsored by the Ford Foundation, and are being convened at the University of Michigan to bring together 14 public AAU (Association of American Universities) institutions who have faced bans to their affirmative action efforts. The primary goal is to develop innovative policies and practices that aim to maintain and increase diversity on theses campuses, as well as other public universities. Report (file size: 1MB)

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior Symposium
Look inside for information on The 19th Annual Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior Symposium, including events, Keynote Speaker Anna Deavere Smith, this year's Theme Statement and more.

2012 Commemorative Brochure (file size: 12.7MB)

2011 Commemorative Brochure (file size: 10.1MB)

2010 Commemorative Brochure (file size: 3.7MB)

2009 Commemorative Brochure (file size: 4.6MB)

Black Celebratory
The Black Celebratory celebrates the commonalities and differences that characterize the experiences of African-Americans and other students at the University of Michigan. In upholding the expectation of the first Black Celebratory in 1993, this program serves as an example of the University of Michigan's commitment to diversity and African-American students.
Black Celebratory Brochure (file size: 1MB)

2012 Event Program (file size: 4.8 MB)

2011 Event Program (file size: 5.0 MB)

2010 Event Program (file size: 4.3 MB)
2009 Event Program (file size: 2.8 MB)
2008 Event Program (file size: 3.3 MB)
2007 Event Program (file size: 0.8 MB)
2006 Event Program (file size: 1.8 MB)
2005 Event Program (file size: 0.3 MB)
2004 Event Program (file size: 0.7 MB)

La Celebración Latina Program
"The purpose of La Celebración Latina is to celebrate our graduates, as well as to show respect to everyone who helped them make this wonderful achievement..."
La Celebración Latina Brochure (file size: 1.2MB)

2012 Event Program (file size: 7.1 MB)

2011 Event Program (file size: 2.7 MB)

2010 Event Program (file size: 6.5 MB)
2009 Event Program (file size: 2.4 MB)
2007 Event Program (file size: 9.6 MB)
2006 Event Program (file size: 3.6 MB)
2005 Event Program (file size: 2.8 MB)

Exito: The Latino/a Resource Guide
Look inside for information on events, offices, organizations, and other information of interest to the Latino/a community.
Resource Guide (file size: 3.7MB)

Asian/Pacific Islander
Proactive: The guide to the University of Michigan's Asian/Pacific Islander Community.
Proactive Publication (file size: 1.3MB)

Native American
U-M Native American Resource Guide
The Circle Resource Guide (file size: 16MB)

M-POD: Michigan - Pursuing Our Dreams
The M-POD program was developed jointly by Washtenaw Community College and the University of Michigan, with the purpose of helping academically and/or economically disadvantaged students attain their educational goals. Under the terms of the program, students who attend WCC for two years, and who meet specific requirements, will be considered for admission to one of eleven participating schools and colleges at the University of Michigan.
M-POD Booklet (file size: 1.2MB)